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Ending Explained For Broad Peak (2022) Does Maciej make it to the summit?

Ending Explained For Broad Peak (2022) Does Maciej make it to the summit?

Broad Peak Plot Synopsis

The story of Broad Peak is based on the life of Maciej Berbeka, an amazing Polish mountain climber and guide. Maciej climbs Broad Peak mountain and almost dies in the process. He is known as one of the best and most daring climbers in the country. He is seen as a hero and is in the news all over the world. But… there’s a catch.

Maciej finds out the hard way, 25 years later, that he hasn’t really climbed the mountain. He was only 17 meters away from the top. Maciej decides to go back to the mountain again because he wants to “finish what he started.”

Broad Peak (2022)

What happens the first time Maciej tries to climb Broad Peak?

Maciej and his friend Alek decide to climb Broad Peak mountain. The storm is getting worse, and the weather is bad. The two climbers are told to go back, but they set up camp and wait until morning instead. Early the next day, the weather is strangely calm, but dark storm clouds at the top of the mountain are a big warning. Alek changes his mind and wants to go back, but Maciej keeps going no matter how dangerous it is.

Maciej is the only one who makes it to the top of the mountain. Alek is further down the mountain. Maciej’s face is being whipped by ice-cold winds, and he is told to go down before it’s too late. Maciej thinks he has reached 8000 meters in Karakoram in the winter. In fact, he is 17 meters away from the top.

Does Maciej survive his descent?

At 11 p.m., Maciej has to dig a hole halfway down the mountain to hold on. The storm is still going strong in the morning. At this point, Maciej’s legs are frozen, so he has no choice but to go down. Climbers are coming up to try to get him, but it will take them two days to get there. He doesn’t have 2 days. Maciek has to get it down, or else he will die. Alek, who is waiting half way down the mountain, helps Maciej claw his way down. He is flown out of the camp and back to his family.

Why does Maciej return to Broad Peak?

Maciej soon finds out that his journey is not over. The team didn’t tell him that he didn’t make it to the top because they were afraid they’d lose him on the mountain. If Maciej had kept climbing that night, he almost certainly would have died on the way down, even though he “only” needed an hour or two more. Maciej reached the “summit,” but it was really the “Rocky Summit,” which is the first peak of Broad Peak.

Maciej says later that you have to hike back down this part of the mountain to go up, which is why Maciej thought he’d reached the top when he hadn’t.

25 years later, Krzysztof Wielicki tells Maciej to go back and climb the mountain again with a group of young climbers to finish what they started.

Does Maciej make it to the summit?

The group left at 5 p.m., but Krzysztof is worried that it’s 3 hours too late. As they keep going, it’s clear that they’re already 2 hours behind schedule.

The group gets to Rocky Summit, but the day is getting late, and if they go any further, they’ll have to go back down in the dark. Maciej doesn’t want to hear these worries and keeps going anyway.

The film then tells us that these Polish climbers were the first to reach the top of Broad Peak in the winter. This happens about halfway up the mountain. Adam got to the top at 5:20 p.m. After 30 minutes, Artur took the peak. Tomasz made it at 6pm. Maciej also gets to the top, but we don’t know exactly when. He died on the way down with Tomasz, which was sad. But this last point doesn’t happen on-screen.

What did the film miss from its ending?

Aside from the obvious descent, which shows Maciej and Tomasz tragically dying in the snow, we also don’t see how Ewa reacts to this news back home.

In the real order of things, a group was sent out to try to find Maciej and Tomasz, but they were declared dead after only two days. Their bodies have never been found, so they are probably still on the mountain. Kryzsztof, who was in charge of the Polish Mountaineering Association at the time, said in a statement:

“Given the situation, my experience, the history of Himalayan mountaineering, my knowledge of physiology and high-altitude medicine, and consultations with doctors and co-organizers of the expedition in Poland, I have to declare Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski dead.

Mountain climbing is hard and can be dangerous. In the end, the storm clouds that appear early in the movie are a sign of what’s to come for Maciej. Even though he gets what he wants and gets to the top, he loses his own life because of it.

Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

The Polish Mountaineers had intended to climb K2, but the plan was changed because of bad weather. Another mountaineer, Alexander Lwow, suggested that he and Maciej climb Broad Peak instead of K2. Knowing the risk involved, Maciej was initially unconvinced, but with time he began to exhibit interest. Maciej and Alexander were supposed to climb in the alpine fashion. The team did not like their choice; they had not anticipated that each member would succeed, and their abrupt plan was seen as a betrayal. However, the two made the decision to carry out their plan, and they had the support of their base leader, Andrzej, who spoke with them through radio.

Beautiful images of the snow-covered mountains can be found in “Broad Peak.” The wind made the ascent challenging, but Alexander and Maciej persisted. They succeeded in establishing their first camp, and the next morning they resumed ascending. Maciej slid and lost control of his grip as they ascended. He was able to gain command of the circumstance and elude a death trap. They were not helped by the weather. There was a severe storm last night, and Andrzej warned them to descend if it persisted in the morning. The mountaineers were prepared to take advantage of the sun when it came out the following morning. They reached a point along the way that seemed nearly insurmountable as they continued. Alexander wished to leave, but Maciej was adamant about climbing the mountain. Alexander was unwilling to put his life in danger, despite Andrzej’s advice to stay together. Even though he was now by himself and amid a violent storm, Maciej kept moving higher. The group was expecting a reaction from Maciej, but they never got one. After some time, Maciej informed the base that he had arrived at the summit in a message. After a brief period of victory celebration, he was faced with a more challenging issue. He had to descend and locate the tent that he and Alexander had erected, but the storm made it difficult for him to see.

Maciej dug a hole in the snow and spent the night there after failing to locate the tent. He had to move, Andrzej kept telling him, or he would freeze to death, but Maciej could not force his body any farther. He was unable to feel his legs anymore, and at times he thought about quitting up. He reflected on his wife and their affection as he was losing control. He had not yet reached the point of giving up. He exerted effort to climb out of the pit and down the ladder. Alexander welcomed him back, and a rescue crew arrived to save him. He was flown out in a helicopter, and all of Poland rejoiced over his victory. The reporters questioned him about his incredible journey after he reunited with his wife and son. Even while everyone around him applauded his accomplishment, he would always remember how hard it was for him to survive and how close he came to passing away when his body began to fail. But the satisfaction of completing one of the most difficult climbs made it all worthwhile. However, his happiness was fleeting as he soon had to face a painful reality that he would never completely be able to overcome until his death.

Broad Peak (2022)

‘Broad Peak’ Ending Explained: Did Maciej Berbeka Reach The Summit Of Broad Peak After 25 Years?

Maciej had to confront a hard reality as he was getting over the shock of having a near-death experience. In the end, Maciej arrived at the Rocky Summit, which was 17m from the summit of Broad Peak, rather than the summit itself. Maciej was inconsolable. He found it incomprehensible that his colleagues decided against telling the truth. They were aware that Maciej had not reached the peak, but they chose not to tell him because they feared he would try to climb it and put his life in danger. The summit was just 17 meters away, yet it would have taken him an hour to get there. Up until that point, Maciej had reason to assume that the thrill of reaching the summit more than made up for the suffering he had endured. He began to think that it was all for nothing. He stopped participating in national trips and began focusing more of his time on his family.

After 25 years, he got a call from Wielicki Krzysiek, a fellow climber who had scaled Broad Peak in the summer and was a member of the group that knew Maciej hadn’t made it to the top but kept that information hidden from him. Maciej didn’t return his calls, but he eventually went to see him at home. He said that they already had the proper tools and a youthful team; all they required was a skilled mountaineer. Maciej had this opportunity to climb that mountain, according to Kryzsiek, who thought he deserved to do so. He had to finish what he had started 25 years before. Despite his initial opposition, he ultimately decided to accompany the team as they attempted to re-climb Broad Peak. One cannot easily give up their passion for mountaineering; it is a way of life. And Maciej had been influenced by his regret about not making it to the peak. He was aware of the danger, but he was unable to pass up the chance. He was presented to the group he would command by Krzysiek. On Broad Peak, the group set out on their winter trip. Although the weather was unfavorable, the plan this time was for all four mountaineers to reach the summit. Maciej chose to begin the climb at five in the morning instead of Krzysiek’s proposed two in the morning. He decided to climb at dawn since he didn’t think it would be a good idea to do it at midnight in the cold. They needed to take use of the daylight as much as possible, Krzysiek said. The four-person team was two hours behind schedule and running late. The team was not prepared to depart when they reached the Rocky top since it was too late. Krzysiek encouraged them to start descending. The team agreed to travel to the summit when Maciej declared his intention to do so. By the movie’s conclusion, we know that on March 5, 2013, Polish mountaineers became the first to scale Broad Peak during the winter. The first of the four, Adam Bielecki, arrived at the summit before Artur Malek, Tomasz Kowalski, and Maciej Berbeka. Exact 25 years after the day he missed the top by 17m, Maciej finally reached the top. Sadly, he and Tomasz died when they were coming down from the mountain. They began to descend, but by that point it was too late and they would not have survived the severe weather.

Is ‘Broad Peak’ A True Story?

The unsettling vintage footage featured at the film’s conclusion. The base made repeated attempts to get in touch with Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski but were unsuccessful. One of the most well-liked Polish mountaineers and an expert at leading winter trips was Maciej Berbeka. Maciej was an excellent at winter mountaineering, which most people thought was deadly. In 1984, he ascended Manaslu, and in 1985, he conquered Cho Oyu in the Himalayas. He was also renowned for climbing Mount Everest and Annapurna. The summit of Broad Peak is regarded as one of the world’s most hazardous locations, and many climbers have perished while attempting to scale the peak.

The movie depicts Maciej’s 25-year struggle with feeling like a fraud before departing for Broad Peak. He was choked by the fact that he failed to reach the summit yet was nonetheless praised for it. One can’t help but wonder if he would have lived if he had attempted the climb the first time after watching “Broad Peak,” though. He might have perished if he had continued the ascent to the steep summit given the weather conditions. Maybe it was all for him to have another 25 years with his wife, who had constantly worried about losing him. His life was captivated with Broad Peak, both physically and mentally. The regret he carried for years was much worse than the anguish he felt while ascending. For individuals who have devoted their lives to this desire, it may seem crazy to most others, but it is what keeps them alive. Although there may have been rational mistakes made during the ascent, there are always “could-have-been” scenarios in such perilous endeavors. The bodies of Maciej and Tomasz were never discovered. They were discovered by a search party, but after two days they were pronounced dead. It was believed that they could not have lived any longer given the weather and their physical fatigue.

Leszek Dawid is the director of the 2022 drama adventure film “Broad Peak.”

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